Big Sonic Ski being used on Australian Roads

Big Sonic Ski being used on Australian Roads

February 26, 2018 – Synergy’s Big Sonic-Ski is already being used on Australian roads, helping to ensure impressive rideability counts and future-proof asphalt surfaces against repeated damage caused by unevenness.
The next-generation MOBA Big Sonic-Ski offers consistent results, even when paving across an uneven sub-grade.

With four ultrasonic sensors built into the device, the Big Sonic-Ski can even smooth out road waves that occur in small regular intervals and which might not otherwise be detected.

As Synergy Positioning Systems Managing Director Mike Milne explains, the new Big Sonic-Ski leveling system really comes into its own during resurfacing work on asphalt roads and surfaces.
“Every roading contractor knows that time is of the essence when engaging in resurfacing work. The MOBA Big Sonic-Ski proves an efficient time-saver in this environment - where the subgrade could be particularly uneven - achieving a consistency of smoothness when paving the top asphalt layer.”

Using ultrasonic technology, the Big Sonic-Ski scans the sub-grade across an area extending up to 13 metres. By calculating an average during the height measurement, a virtual reference level is determined and the screed of the paver is controlled accordingly. The leveling system evens out bumps in the sub-grade and, as a result, achieves greater smoothness during asphalt paving.

The higher number of sensors incorporated into the Big Sonic-Ski’s construction smoothes out road waves that occur in intervals of five to seven metres, offering improved precision over systems utilising fewer sensors.

Operations Manager Darren McDonnell says that since the system’s introduction onto Synergy’s paving consultancy fleet, the finished surface NAASRA counts have been very consistent, providing stakeholders with the reassurance of a great result.  

“We’ve deployed the Big Sonic-Ski on a number of projects, such as the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project and the Oakey to Dalby section of the Warrego Highway upgrade.

“We’re achieving some fantastic results by utilising Synergy’s PaveSmart technology for the lower layers and then the Big Sonic-Ski for the final layer, ensuring a very good finish.”

Darren says the smooth finish achieved during rehabilitation work means the investment in road upgrades for local authorities will be protected for much longer.

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