Delta X-Series Multi-Rotor UAS Arrives

Delta X-Series Multi-Rotor UAS Arrives


Engineered and optimised for a wide variety of applications by Altus UAS, the newly developed Delta X-Series multi-rotor range is now available in Australia.

The new UAS craft have been specially developed to offer rugged, resilient and dependable platforms, with enough power for any flying scenario.

The Delta X-4 (four rotor) and Delta X-8 (eight rotor) craft both feature a fully enclosed system that protects against rain, with strong carbon fibre and Kevlar bodywork that offers excellent protection against the elements, while ensuring the craft remains light and predictably manoeuvrable.


Both Delta UAS systems utilise a unique interchangeable base system that allows customers to have a single base with multiple top configurations which can then be swapped out depending on various project requirements. A stabilised survey sensor gimbal system is housed within the kevlar shell and can be quickly swapped for another, such as a 4K video base, HD inspection video or even FLIR system.

The X-4 and X-8 craft also utilise a custom Ground Control System (GCS), incorporating the flight planning computer and simultaneous live camera feed. The flight model is simplified for easy operation and many functions, including takeoff, survey flight and landing are automated thanks to twin autopilot Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).

In an emergency, each Delta also features the Altus UAS emergency parachute system, designed to get the X-4 and X-8 back to ground as quickly and safely as possible. Naturally, every Delta UAS also arrives with its own ruggedised hard-shell carry case for easy transportation between flight missions.

The new Delta X-4 and X-8 are available to view at Synergy Positioning System’s Meadowbrook showroom in Queensland. Or see them at the Locate15 spatial industry event being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, March 10th-12th 2015. Visit for more information.

Further technical details on the new Altus Delta X-Series UAS range are available at or free call 1800 980 353 to speak with an experienced Synergy Positioning Systems consultant.

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